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Updated: 14/11/2023

By contracting any service offered by Master Da Web, you automatically agree to the Terms of Service described below. Master Da Web reserves the right to change the terms of service at any time.

1 – Prices


Master Da Web reserves the right to update the prices offered on the site at any time, both for new and existing customers.


In the event of a price change for existing customers, they will be given at least 30 days’ notice.

2 – Affiliate program


It is not permitted to create multiple registrations in order to benefit from the reseller program (Affiliate Program) to earn commissions. Master Da Web reserves the right to cancel any registration or commission if indications of fraud are found.


To be eligible for the withdrawal, the affiliate must have at least 1 active VPS / Cloud service.

3 – Late payments


Fine for late payment: A fine of 2% will be charged for late payment and interest of 0.033% per day, as permitted by law. (Article 52 of Law 8.078 of the CDC).


Suspension: Master da Web services will be suspended after the 4th day of late payment, with the exception of “Dedicated Server” services which are suspended after the 1st day of late payment.


Exclusion: After 30 days of delay the service will be completely excluded, with the exception of “Dedicated Server” services which are excluded after 4 days of delay. Deletion makes data recovery impossible.

4 – Service Level Agreement (SLA)


The average availability of our services is 99.8%. In the event of unavailability in a given month of less than 99%, we provide a credit to the customer’s account which can be used to reduce the rent for the services. The values are described according to the table below:

Monthly availability (%) Credit for affected service
Less than 99% but greater than or equal to 98% 10%
Less than 98% but greater than or equal to 95% 20%
Less than 95% 100%

To request credit, you need to open a support ticket via the customer area http://masterdaweb.com/customer/ within 30 days of the incident. The calculation of the period of unavailability will be based exclusively on Master Da Web’s internal monitoring tools.

Rules and exclusions for calculating unavailability:

A. Master Da Web services will be considered “Unavailable” when there is no external connectivity.

B. Each item described below is excluded from any unavailability calculations:

  • Scheduled, recurring or zero-impact maintenance windows;
  • Unavailability due to misuse of the service by the contractor;
  • Unavailability resulting from the installation by the contractor of software and any third-party technology;
  • Unavailability arising from the use of an outdated version of the Web Master Services or third party software, or any failure to install a Material Update for any of the foregoing;
  • Unavailability caused by third party service providers or facilities, including any telecommunications service provider or facility, Internet, packet loss, network or Internet problems beyond Master Da Web’s edge router that carries public Internet connectivity;
  • Denial of service attacks, virus or hacker attacks, or bugs in the code, hardware or services for which there is no known commercially reasonable solution (even if there is a known alternative solution); and force majeure events or any other event not under the direct control of Master Da Web or which could not be avoided even with commercially reasonable care;

5 – Content and use policies


The use of Master Da Web’s services for the purposes listed below is prohibited:

  • Storage / distribution of any copyrighted content without proper legal authorization.
  • Storage / distribution of malicious content and phishing.
  • Storage / distribution of pornographic content.
  • P2P, Torrent and Streaming servers.
  • SQUID Proxy Servers / VPN used to circumvent telecom operators’ internet access.
  • Sending SPAM.
  • Execution of hacker attacks of any origin on third parties.
  • Exhausting the contracted server’s computing resources to the point of jeopardizing Master Da Web’s infrastructure.

If you breach any of the Content and Usage Policies set out in section 5.1, you will be subject to suspension and/or total cancellation of the service, excluding any right to a refund of any amounts paid.

6 – Cancellation


Cancellation of the service, whether due to late payments, a request for cancellation by the contractor or a breach of the Content and Usage Policies (5.1), will result in the total deletion of the data stored in the contracted service, with no possibility of recovering the stored data.


If you cancel Dedicated Servers (Bare Metal Servers) within the first 30 days of installation, you will be charged a SETUP fee of R$ 200.00 for all manual configuration carried out by the technician.


Cancellations made after 7 days from the date of contracting the service are not eligible for any kind of refund, either partial or total.


Refunds are made within 3 working days from the date of the cancellation request.

7 – Support


The contractor agrees that our services are “Non-Manageable”, which means that the configuration and installation of software in the service is the responsibility of the contractor, as well as the correction of problems caused by disconfigurations in the service.


Contractor agrees that Master Da Web does not support third party Software.


Master Da Web is solely responsible for providing appropriate support for hardware and network problems with equipment owned by us.

8 – Premium support


The contractor agrees that the Premium Support contracted on a subscription basis will be linked to the service, and that in order to cancel it, the Service linked to the Premium Support must be canceled.


The Premium Support SLA is 3 hours during daytime hours (Monday to Monday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.). When outside daytime hours, 16-hour SLA.

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